Consumers do not know the quality of the manufacturer’s pumps when they buy pumps, but they all want to buy pumps at a relatively reasonable price and cost. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and promote the healthy development of the industry, our company deliberately Created articles on the judgment of qualified and unqualified water pump product quality for your reference.

According to the “CCGF404.2-2010 Drainage and Irrigation Machinery” product quality supervision and spot check implementation specifications, the overload protection of submersible pumps, grounding measures, insulation resistance, electric pump lead cables, stator winding withstand voltage, efficiency, specified point flow and head, 14 items such as power factor, stator temperature rise limit, water (gas) pressure test in the motor cavity, safety signs, instruction manuals, safety contents, and signs/plates firmness are inspected.

Gorrif Pumps recommended – The correct way to choose your own water pump

The main problem with the quality of the pumps of many manufacturers in the market is the unqualified items such as the grounding device, the grounding wire and the grounding mark, the specified efficiency of the electric pump, the flow rate, the head, and the product nameplate. Grounding devices, grounding wires and grounding signs are important indicators of the electrical safety performance of electric pumps. Without grounding devices or unclear signs on the grounding wires and unreliable fixation, it may bring safety hazards to users. The specified efficiency, flow, and head of the electric pump are low, which directly affects the overall performance of the unit. The unqualified product nameplate fails to reach the notice that clearly indicates the main performance of the product, which can not guide users to purchase the product or even mislead consumers.

In response to the main quality problems found, companies that have unqualified product quality should be reported to the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to supervise and rectify within a specified time. For companies with better quality, increase publicity, expose products and companies with poor quality, guide consumers to purchase correctly, promote the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the industry, and create a consumer environment that is assured and satisfactory for consumers.

Therefore, pay attention to the following points when purchasing a water pump:

  1. Purchase at a formal, large-scale agricultural machinery store. The formal store has strict control over product quality and good reputation. Even if there is a quality problem, it is better to negotiate with the distributor.
  2. Purchase manufacturer’s products. The manufacturer’s products have been tested by the market and are trustworthy products, so you can buy them with confidence.
  3. Check whether the nameplate is complete. The nameplate should be fixed on the more obvious part of the pump, and indicate the manufacturer’s name, address, submersible pump name, model, specified flow rate, specified head, supporting pipe inner diameter, rated power, rated frequency, and rated voltage , Current, synchronous speed, number of phases, insulation class, factory number or date of delivery, electric pump weight, product standard number, product license number, etc. The electric pump should also indicate the direction of rotation. If these items that should be marked are not on the product identification If the mark or mark is not complete, such a pump is not suitable for purchase.
  4. Check whether the manufacturer has obtained a production license. Determine whether the manufacturer has a production license by inquiring with the dealer and checking the manual, packaging, etc.. If not, it is illegal production, and the quality of its products is unreliable, do not buy. Diving The production license number of the pump is XK06-116-××××, must be carefully identified before buying.
  5. Choose the submersible pump according to the head. Determine and select the head of the submersible pump according to the height of the water level from the ground. The national standard stipulates that the safe head of the submersible pump should be between 83% and 140% of the specified head. For example, the specification model For a 500-QW/QWN2600-15-160 submersible sewage pump, the specified flow rate is 2600 cubic meters per hour, and the specified head is 15 meters. The height of the water level from the ground is 15× (83%~140%), which is 12.45~ The range of 21 meters is more suitable.
  6. Carefully check the grounding mark and grounding wire. The stainless steel submersible pump should have a reliable grounding device and grounding wire, and the grounding wire of the cable should have an obvious grounding mark. The grounding wire should be a yellow-green two-color wire, and ensure that the mark is on It is not easy to wear out during the use period.
  7. Check the lead cable. The lead cable of the large submersible pump should be a medium-sized rubber sheathed cable. Choose a water pump with a cable length close to the head to prevent leakage due to careless wiring during use.
  8. Check if there is a certificate and instruction manual.
  9. Test run to see if it is normal. When the power is turned on, it should run freely and smoothly, without sticking, no rubbing and other phenomena.