CS(V) Series

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CS(V) Series Split Case Centrifugal Pump

CS(V) Series
CS(V) Series split casing volute centrifugal pump is a new generation of single stage double suction split casing centrifugal pump, based on the 90s’ advanced pump manufacturing technology.
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CS(V) Series pump is mainly applied in water supply facility, power stations, industrial water supply system, air conditioning circulation water, buildings, irrigation, pump stations, commercial marine, etc.

Performance Range

  • Inlet diameter: 125~1600 mm
  • Outlet diameter: 80~1400 mm
  • Capacity: ≤ 30000 m3/h
  • Head: ≤ 200 m
  • Working temperature: < 80 ℃
  • Max Solids: ≤ 80mg/L
  • Permitted working pressure: ≤ 2.5 MPa
  • Permitted testing pressure: ≤ 3.75 Mpa


  • Water supply facility
  • Power stations
  • Industrial water supply
  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Air conditioning circulation water
  • High-rise water supply


  • Compact structure: Aesthetic design, great stability and easy installation.
  • Steady operation: No vortex, smoother operation and have remarkable erosion-resistant ability and high efficiency.
  • Bearing: Excellent bearing is used to assure the steady operation, low noise, long lifespan. *Grease lubrication and closed structure is used. If thin oil lubrication structure is needed, a constant level oil cup shall be equipped.
  • Shaft seal: Mechanical seal or packing seal shall be used. These two kinds of seal are all installed in the removable packing box, which is convenient to assembly and maintenance. The packing gland of pump is removable and open, which assures enough room for maintenance and repair.
  • Impeller: Double suction impeller designed by the best hydraulic model can balance the axial force automatically.
  • Shaft: Shaft is completely sealed without contacting the medium or corrosion.
  • Casing: For the pump of high head, double split casing passage is adopted, which counteracts most of the radial force and prolongs the life of bearing on two sides.
  • Customization available: According to the different mediums and using requirements, main parts of the pump can adopt various materials.