WQ Series

WQ-Series submersible sewage pump

WQ Series
WQ-Series submersible sewage pump is developed based on imported advanced technology abroad. It has the advantages of high efficiency, not easy to enlace, no clogging, auto-coupling and auto-control, etc. It specializes in discharging of solid granule and long fiber garbage.
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Performance Range

  • Outlet Diameter: ≤600mm(2″-20″)
  • Capacity: ≤3750m3/h
  • Head: ≤60m
  • Speed: 740r/min 970r/min 1450r/min 2980r/min
  • Matched Power:1.5-270kW


  • Municipal engineering
  • Hotels, restaurants and hospitals water treatment


  • Compact and reliable structure.
  • Effective design of unique seal cable avoids cable breakage that leads to leakage.
  • Leakage detector inside the wiring chamber alarms if there is leakage inside, with control system protecting the pump.
  • The insulation class for the rotor of the motor is F. Every phase is equipped with overheating and overloaded protective components.
  • Stainless steel is used for the rolling motor shaft. The dynamic balance of rotor is carried out to make pumps run more smoothly.
  • Normally, a pump is not supposed to run dry. Yet a circulation cooling system within the pump can cool down the motor rotor, which improves the motor’s working condition so that the pump could expose outside the water surface or the pump runs dry. (Circulation cooling system does not apply to pumps under 18.5kW)
  • Two sealing detectors to alarm any seal leakage.
  • Carborundum or carborundum double end face is used in mechanical seal to ensure that the pump can operate safely and reliably for a long period of time.
  • Full head, powerful flow, block-proof and high efficiency thanks to the flow impeller design. Easy adjustment on capacity. Great for model selection.