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SHA(R) Series is single stage single suction

SHA(R)、SHH(R)-Series is a single stage, single suction cantilever horizontal centrifugal pump. It is designed for departments needing to transport liquids containing floating particles, as in metallurgy, mines, coal, electricity and construction material industry. It can transport high density slurry containing highly hard abrasive particles like concrete, rejects, coal cinder, cement, clay, grit, etc. The temperature of slurry can not be more than 80℃ and the slurry density can reach 60% in weight.
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Performance Range

  • Inlet diameter: DN=40-350mm
  • Capacity: Q=7.56-1692m3/h
  • Head: H=6-97m
  • Speed: n=300-3800r/min
  • Matched power: P=2.2-480kW


  • Iron & steel
  • Mining
  • Electric power facility
  • Municipal construction


  • Axial inlet and radial outlet. Adjustments can be made on the direction of inlet in the direction of circle, of which the limitation angle is 45°.
  • SHA(R) Series slurry pump rotates anticlockwise from the direction of suction side. Four kinds of drive: DC, CV, ZV, CR.
  • Shaft seal: Soft packing seal or auxiliary impeller seal.