SHV Series

SHV Series Slurry Pump

SHV Series
SHV Series pump is a vertical centrifugal sump pump, which is put under water. It is applied in mines, coal mining, metallurgy, and electricity, etc. It can be used to transport abrasive, coarse granules and highly dense slurry.
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Performance Range

  • Outlet diameter: DN=40-200mm(1.5″-8″)
  • Capacity: Q=12.6-597m3/h
  • Head: H=5-34m
  • Speed: n=400-2200r/min
  • Matched power: P=1.1-160kW


  • Iron & steel
  • Mining
  • Electric power facility


  • Vertical centrifugal slurry pump. Vertically downward inlet and vertically upward outlet.
  • The pump is mainly made up of lower filter screen, pump casing, impeller, shaft, guard plate, bracket and so on.
  • The upper part of pump is supported by bearing.
  • Mounted under water without need of any shaft seal. Wear-resistant material is applied for wet part.