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SPEZ-Series end-suction centrifugal pump

SPEZ Series
SPEZ-Series end suction centrifugal pump designed based on the structure of SPE-Series single stage, single suction centrifugal pump and in-line centrifugal pump. Its structure has been greatly improved on the basis of the former SPE-Series pump, assimilating the advantages of in-line centrifugal pump and overcoming the disadvantages of vertical direct connection pump ( The disadvantage is that in case the power is more than 18.5kw, the lifting equipment shall be needed while more disassembly and maintenance are needed. However, it is not the case for SPEZ-Series pump). The standard of IS02858 is applied for perfornance parameters. Its economic and technological performance has reached the national advanced level among similar products.
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SPEZ-Series centrifugal pump is directly middle structure and enhances the operational stability. It also occupies 30% less ground area than the common horizontal pump. Mechanical seal is applied for the shaft seal. The pump is characterized by its long service time, low noise, easy maintenance, low vibration and so on.

Performance Range

  • Speed: 2900r/min 1450r/min
  • Inlet diameter: 50~300mm
  • Capacity: 6.3~720m3/h
  • Head: 5~125m
  • Ambient temperature: T≤40℃
  • Motor safety grade: IP54 or IP44
  • Motor insulation class: B class or F class
  • Seal: Mechanical


  • Municipal engineering
  • Agriculture irrigation
  • Watering / Dewatering
  • Clean liquid processing


  • Seal rings at front-and-back cover plate of the impeller and balance holes at the impeller backboard. *For those pumps whose axial forces are not strong, seal rings and balance holes will not be set.
  • Shaft sleeve protection to avoid shaft abrasion is mounted where the shaft passes through the mechanical seal. O-ring is mounted between shaft sleeve and shaft to prevent air from entering and water from leaking along the fit surface.