WQJ Series

WQJ Series Submersible Sewage Pump

WQJ Series
WQJ-Series Submersible Sewage Pump is developed with agitation head based on the digestion and assimilation of the most advanced domestic and abroad technology. It is characteried by its high efficiency, reliability, wear-resistance, non-clogging, auto-coupling and auto-control. Specialists appraise it at an advanced level in view of its technical performance and specific function.
WQJ-Series Submersible Sewage Pump is mainly applied in municipal engineering, steel plant, power plant, mines and some other wear-resistant sites for discharging sludge and waste water containing solid particles.
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Performance Range

  • Outlet diameter: ≤600mm
  • Capacity: ≤3750 m3/h
  • Head: ≤60 m
  • Speed: 1430r/min 2480r/min
  • Matched power: 3-220kW


  • Municipal engineering
  • Hotels, restaurants and hospitals water treatment


  • Safe and reliable. F class motor insulation. Trustworthy protection system with overheating and overloaded protective components, control system leakage detector installed.
  • Motor rotational shaft is made of stainless steel. Robust static and dynamic test makes the pump operate smoother. Branded bearing is applied for the driver that ensures reliable performance.
  • Three-layer mechanical seal greatly enhances the wear-resistant performance. Sealing material: tungsten carbide.
  • A dislodgement plate is fixed at the inlet of the isolated area. This drives the solid particles out of the isolated areas.
  • Alloy steel is used for the flow part. Jacket structure for easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Applied in extreme working conditions.
  • The agitation head can also be mounted if necessary to avoid the solid particles on the pond bottom from settling down. Easy adjustment on capacity. Great for model selection.