ZW Series

ZW Series Self-Priming Pump

ZW Series
ZW-Series self-priming sewage pump is a new production which is developed according to the latest technology home and abroad.Pump has single stage, single suction, horizontal, gas-liquid mixed type. ZW-Series self-priming pump is specially designed for the non-malfunction operation to manage liquid and slurry. It is characterized by its anti-clogging, non-winding, strong sundries passing ability.The easy-to-disassemble holes are designed on the front part of the pump to make sure that the large sundries clogged can be cleaned up quickly.
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Pump is widely used in municipal sewage, environmental engineering, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, printing and dyeing, electroplating, household water supply, plant, mining, agriculture, flower nursery, water resource, food, brewing industry, etc.

Performance Range

  • Discharge diameter: 300mm
  • Capacity: 130~210~250m3/h
  • Head: 29~27~23m
  • Speed: 1480r/min
  • Motor power: 30kW
  • Max solids: ≤85mm
  • Specific gravity: ≤1.0~1.3


  • Municipal engineering
  • Petrochemical
  • Dyeing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Watering / Dewatering
  • Mining
  • Agriculture irrigation


  • Once for all: For your first operation, fill in the pump cavity through water-pouring hole, and there is no need to fill in water afterwards.
  • Half-open anti-clogging impeller ensures particles with large diameter to pass and higher discharge capacity.
  • Non-bolt threaded pipe connection ensures easy installation.
  • High self-priming ability: Perfect sealing clearance ensures that the self-priming height can be up to 8m, with high speed, which greatly shortens the self-priming time.
  • User-friendly in external adjustment: Even if the clearance between impeller and seal plate is getting big, external adjustment can be done easily to make sure steady self-priming height and performance.
  • Fast and easy maintenance: Special design for the sewage and maintenance, adjust the pump without dismantling pump cover and auxiliary pipe to make sure the pump operates under high efficient working condition.