How can we solve the clogging of the slurry pump during operation? In Pump Industry, many customers think this is a very complicated problem, but if this kind of substitution problem is not handled properly, it will easily cause damage to the equipment, thereby affecting the efficiency of use, so everyone must be aware of it. Then in fact, if you follow the guide below, you can easily solve the problem.

(1) The solid and hard deposits inside the volute of the horizontal slurry pump make it silt, and measures to remove the silt can be taken.

(2) If the shaft is different from the refill box, the machining error is essentially large and the installation is incorrect. Attention should be paid to check whether the installation is correct after slurry pump installed. If the sealing water ring is severely worn, it needs to be replaced with a new one. If the clean water pipe is blocked, the sealing water cannot enter the middle of the packing, causing the packing to wear quickly and cause material leakage. The blocked water pipe should be dredged to keep the sealing water clean.

(3) If it is an impeller or water inlet and outlet drainage section, the impeller or channel can be replaced and cleaned. If the impeller is severely worn, it should be replaced. If there is air leakage from the packing port, the packing should be pressed tightly. If the conveying height is too high, the loss in the pipe is too large, reducing the conveying height or changing randomly.

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