Sewage pumps are commonly used in applications of water conservancy, construction engineering, firefighting, power supply, environment protection, petroleum and chemical industry.

Though we have been more and more aware of garbage classification and not littering all over the city, it is hard to not face the reality that our sewage system has to deal with wastes like fiber, plastic bags and so on. Sewage pumps are born to be a mall part of it.

what is a sewage pump?

Sewage pumps are mostly submersible pumps. They can tear and cut long fibers, bags, belts, grass, cloth strips and other materials in the sewage, and then discharge them smoothly. It is especially suitable for conveying liquids containing hard solids and fibrous materials and special Dirty, sticky, slippery liquid.

How does a sewage pump work?

Normally, submersible sewage pumps are made of alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials, and can also be customized according to the special needs of users.

A submersible sewage pump detects the tank pressure through the pressure sensor. Detected and amplified by auto-controlled circuits, the pressure electric signal controls the switch to work. So that the water pump can automatically run and stop according to the pressure change in the tank to achieve the purpose of automatic water supply.

How do you choose your own sewage pump?

The flow rate of the sewage pump should be selected according to the second flow rate of the living drainage design:

1. When the drainage volume is adjusted, it can be selected according to the maximum hourly flow of domestic drainage. The flow of the sewage pump in the fire elevator sump is not less than 10L/s. After the head of the sewage pump is calculated and determined according to the lifting height and pipeline loss, a certain free head is added. The free head should be 0.02~0.03MPa. The flow velocity of the suction pipe and outlet pipe of the sewage pump should not be less than 0.7m/s, and should not be greater than 2.0m/s. In public buildings, a standby pump should be set up with each living drainage collection basin as a unit, and should be operated alternately at ordinary times. If there are two or more sewage pumps for the drainage of the basement, equipment room, and garage, the equipment does not need to be used.

2. When the sump cannot be equipped with an accident drainage pipe, the pump should have an uninterrupted power supply;

3. When the drain and inlet pipe can be closed, uninterrupted power supply is not required, but an alarm device should be installed.

4. When lifting sewage and waste water with large impurities, the outlet pipes of submersible sewage pumps in different collection tanks should not be discharged together.

5. When lifting general waste water, the outlet pipes of submersible sewage pumps in different sumps can be combined and discharged according to the actual situation. When two or more water pumps share a water outlet pipe, a valve and a check valve should be installed on each water pump outlet pipe. When a single water pump drain may cause backflow, a check valve should be provided. It is not allowed to merge the pressure drainage port with the gravity drainage pipe in the building.

6. When the submersible sewage pump lift contains large debris, the submersible sewage pump should be equipped with a crushing device; when the sewage contains more fibrous materials, a large channel submersible sewage pump should be used.

7. When the motor power is greater than or equal to 7.5kW or the water outlet pipe diameter is greater than or equal to DN100, the water pump fixed autocoupling device can be used; 8. When the submersible sewage pump motor power is less than 7.5kW or the water outlet pipe diameter is less than DN100, it can be set Mobile hose installation. When a submersible sewage pump is used to drain the sewage collection tank, a fixed auto-coupling device for the pump should be installed to facilitate the maintenance of the pump. The sewage pump should be able to start and stop automatically and manually on site. Multiple pumps can be operated alternately in parallel, or put into operation in sections.

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